I love Jack Russells and two of them let me share their home and camper van with them. These cartoons were inspired by the antics of Ziva and Mr Gibbs. Their capers became so popular on Facebook that they soon had their own page. Not content with that, they went on to adorn a range of popular products by those  wonderful people over on Redbubble.

There are two ways you can get your own copies of their antics.

1. Click this link Redbubble and choose from a huge range of products from t shirts to caps and clocks to bags. 

2. Click on the Jack Russells A4 tab and get a personal signed copy of your cartoon printed on top quality A4 card, and sent by their own hairy paws. These can be bought framed or unframed and include postage and packing in the uk.

Bed Jacking
Captain Jack Russell
Autumn Leaves
Indianna Russell
Relaxing with Old Friends
Bonely Hearts Club Band
Peaky Russells
If You Think Your Hard Enough
The Food Hoover and the Surgeon
Birth of Russell
Anywhere You can Wee