Although I've been cartooning for over 30 years I am still adding new stuff weekly.

There are two ways to get your mitts on my work.

1. CARTOON PRINT SHOP On a wide range of merchandise from t-shirts to cushions, caps to clocks, far too many for me to list here. These are all printed on demand by the awesome team at REDBUBBLE.

2. DIRECT FROM ME, the artist, as A4 signed prints. These can be supplied framed or un-framed.

They all make great presents and are all unique to me.

Not all of my 'Direct from Me' cartoons make it onto T shirts or other items. If however you see one you would particularly like that way, just let me know and I will set it up for you.

The themes I have covered include, dogs, particularly Jack Russells (so many JRTs), drones, flight simulation, radio control, hovercraft, sea fishing, course fishing, fly fishing, flying, scrapbooking, airsoft, softair, computers, computer games etc. 

I have also included a selection of published and unpublished cartoon strips too.

Feel free to browse and above all I hope you have a chuckle or two.



found ski poles
mouth stopping
Drone Happy
Get the shoal
Fishing specimen
ET Drone home
Driven Well
See the World
Yellow Dubmachine 'Beatle'
Yellow Dubmachine Camper 2